R&D Opportunities

(for companies, research agencies, and students)

Web-site of my research group at WSU

In August 2006 I started as an assistant professor at Washington State University. I am establishing an R&D program on high-performance marine vehicles and related fundamental problems in aero-hydrodynamics. You can take advantage of this opportunity by sponsoring my research projects on the topics of interest to you.

If you represent a government agency, you can get excellent return on the taxpayer money. My students and I perform high-quality fundamental research that is published in open literature and realized in products that solve technical problems of modern and future naval missions (Seabasing, High-Speed Sealift, Amphibious and High-Sea-States Connectors, etc.). Since a university is a non-profit organization with essential research resources (knowledge base, experimental facilities, research students), your money will be well spent advancing naval engineering technologies and preparing outstanding specialists to work in the field of advance marine vehicles.

If you represent a company in this field, my group can conduct breakthrough R&D work for you. I possess unique knowledge on several advance marine concepts that can benefit your products. We are a non-profit organization, so our costs are much less that those you would have to pay at commercial research establishments or government national laboratories. We can even cost-share your project with other funding sources.
We will also welcome your donations for our R&D work: powerboat, trailer, truck, outboard motors, small boats, sensors, gauges, data aquisition systems, RC equipment, underwater video camera, other video equipment, and so on.

The University has experimental facilities that include hydrodynamic flume, wind tunnel, and wave tank. The state-of-the-art CFD code Fluent and several specialized programs for dynamically supported marine vehicels are available. I am also developing an experimental base for testing models and manned prototypes in the neighboring lakes.

Here is a list of sample research topics that I can work on for you:
1. Drag reduction and shock mitigation of surface ships by air lubrication (artificial cavitation)
2. Wing-in-grounds
3. Heavy-lift, fast, no-skirt, amphibious platforms
4. Hydrofoil-assisted boats
5. Small waterplane area ships
6. Ventilated and multi-phase propulsors
7. Control systems for surface flows and multi-phase flows
8. Supercavitating projectiles and self-propelled underwater vehicles

If you are interested in collaborating with me, please e-mail me on matveev_ski-at-hotmail.com

If you are going to become an undergraduate or graduate student soon and you have strong practical interest in advanced marine vehicles, you may consider applying to Mechanical Engineering program at Washington State University, where my research group is being established. Background of an ideal student for my group will include experience (or strong interest for undergrads) in experimental hydrodynamics, ship or airplane model building practice, and some boating and boat maintenance skills. Alternatively, if you are a CFD person, I also encourage you to apply to work on modeling aero-hydrodynamics of advanced marine vehicles.

on a field project in Scandinavia...